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Is the solution to the problem of detecting failed communication links or remote computers
on your iSeries network

Pro-act instead of react.   

You will be able to begin corrective action before many of your users know there is a

This program periodically sends "ping" packets to a list of TCP/IP devices that you select,
and sends iSeries messages and/or data queue entries to queues of your choice.

Flexible function.

The program can be used to test the function of a communications link, (by testing
selected devices in a physical location), or all devices in a network.

The program runs on any PC that can support iSeries Access ( or Client Access).
It does
not require an emulator license.  It uses only functions supplied in the base product.
This is the PingMsg
window in normal mode.   
(It usually runs minimized)
This is the Configure window.

You select the iSeries system
from the ones defined to your

Set the Ping Interval, and add
the terminals that you want to
monitor to the Ping List.
Enter the name that you want
this device to be referred to
as, and it's IP Address.

Select the message queue
that you want the status
messages sent to, and click
the Send Message check box.

You can also select a data
queue to send status entries

Click on the Update button,
click on the OK button, and
the program begins to check
your list of devices.
That's all there is to it!

PingMsg can be added to the startup folder of any of your iSeries connected PC's and will
keep you informed of the status of any TCP/IP device in your network.
Preview the Setup and
Operation Manual
Legal Notice:

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