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Convert your precious memories to modern media!

Your 8mm or Super8mm films, or VHS video tape
can be converted to DVD, or one of several
computer compatible video formats.

We can also create full feature DVD, with titles
and indexes.  (just like your favorite movie!)

Film Digitizing charge : $25.00 per 50 feet of film.
($50.00 minimum)

VHS Tape Digitizing charge : $1.00 per minute.
($30.00 Minimum)

Unedited raw footage: $25.00 each on any of the following formats:
VHS Video tape
AVI on CD or DVD

Full featured DVD (menus, indexes, and chapters): $120.00 (1st DVD)
Extra copies of the DVD, $10.00 Each at time of order, $20.00 after.
(Digitizing charge is extra)
Shipping charges to our facility are your responsibility,  

We recommend the U.S. Postal Service's Priority Mail Flat Rate packaging.
Small shipments, (2 or 3 rolls of 8mm film) are around $5.00, and a flat rate box is less than $10.00.

Your order will be returned via Priority Mail.  (Return shipping is free)
The order form below will send you an email with the information
that you need to send your film to us for processing.

No billing will take place.
Order Media Conversion Services
For larger rolls, enter the multiple of 50.

(a 200 foot roll would be 4 50 foot rolls)
Count of 50 foot film rolls to Digitize
Minutes of VHS tape to Digitize
Number of VHS Tapes
Number of Raw DVD's
Number of Raw AVI's
Number of Raw MPEG's
Check here for a fully edited DVD
Number of extra edited DVD's
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