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Are you having problems with power failures?

During a power outage, does your iSeries just power down without warning?

This package provides you with a CL source program that you can use as a framework for
a customized UPS monitor program.  

This program will issue status messages to the system operator message queue, sends
warning messages to all signed on users, and will perform a managed shutdown of your
iSeries server.  

Sections of the code are provided for you insert the commands to manage your unique
power down requirements

Other section of code allow the UPS Monitor program to reset the components that were
changed to allow a clean power down, (job queues or out queues that were held for

This program, when compiled, and added to your system's QSTRUP procudure,
automatically makes the changes required in the QUPSMSGQ and QUPSDLYTIM system
values to support the operation of the iSeries on it's attached UPS.
Preview the Installation and
Customization Manual
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Attic Design Lab - UPS Monitor Program Kit for iSeries